Sunday, 13 May 2012

Braver than I believe.

I'll be the first to say the last week has been kinda crappy. All these grown up things have been happening and being a "grown up", I've been forced to deal with them and honestly, it's taken a lot out of me. Strangely enough, at a time where I'm meant to be strong, I've felt more vulnerable than I have for quite a long time. Crying at the drop of a hat is all well and good when you're home and alone, not quite so good when you're in the middle of a lecture or sitting on the bus. But, with lots of hugs and multiple cups of tea, I've come out alive and things aren't so bad now. Even if I do have an important test tomorrow morning and I'm not retaining anything about bidirectional replication or regulation of transcription.

The thing I have learnt lately, is that I can be bloody stubborn when I'm upset or sick or stressed or... Whatever. I think I'm just a stubborn person, and that makes me feel just terrible. "Karagh, it's all going to be okay." No, no it won't be, not until it actually is and I know things are going to be just fine. Yep, stubborn. I can only imagine how annoying it is to the people who choose to deal with me, but for some reason, they stick around. I don't think they realise how much I appreciate them.

This annoyingly random and short blog post is mainly me making myself keep up with my writing. So to anyone who still reads this, my deepest apologies for the lack of exciting events happening in my life at the moment. With exams coming up and what feels like a 10 page long To-Do List, things are a bit uninspiring and tiring. But you know, apart from a current lack of interest in university, impending doom in regards to my academic transcript this semester and other things that are distracting me three months before they've even happened... Life is good and I really shouldn't be complaining about anything. My ever lovely relationship is keeping me sane, I'm relatively on top of things (now anyway), and I may be moving in a few weeks. Oh, and I'm seeing my darling Johnny in Dark Shadows tomorrow. It really doesn't get much better than this.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

I solemnly swear to write more blog posts.

I don't know how I let so much time come between posts. Oh wait, it's because I'm so good at procrastination that I've even managed to start procrastinating my procrastination. Moving on! Exciting things have been happening since I last wrote in/on/to my dear blog.

I'm officially a second year uni student, much excitement! Only three more years to go... Hmm. That seems like an exceptionally long amount of time, when part of me just wants to hurry up and be in the real world already. But the majority of me wants to study diploma after diploma after diploma so I can stay at uni forever. I'm feeling slightly unsatisfied with second year at the moment though. But, I admit, it's slowly getting better. Since starting my Diploma of Language in French I feel a bit more well-rounded in my education, if that makes sense. It's nice to be doing something a bit different from the hardcore biology courses I'm taking, and learn in a different kind of way. It's also a wonderful feeling speaking a different language, even if my pronunciation is terrible at the moment. My main problem? I need to speak it more confidently. But it's something I've wanted to learn for quite a long time and I'm happy to finally be doing it, albeit very slowly. As for my biomed courses, well, let's just say it's causing much confusion in regards to my majors and my future career. At present, I'm really enjoying biochemistry and biomedical science, but don't hold me to that. I'll probably have changed my mind again in a few weeks.

You know what? Having a boyfriend is really nice. Yes, I have somehow managed to get a boyfriend. I make it sound like such an impossible feat, but I thought it was, because I only liked one person who I didn't think liked me back, but he does! Isn't it lovely when things work out like that? But he's lovely, and everything's lovely, and life is just filled with very lovely things that I get to share with someone pretty special. Now, enough sappiness. For now.

I have been acting on my promise to try new things this, for the first year ever. Yes, I do make that same promise to myself every year, but with a little push and new found motivation I have started ballroom dancing lessons. I cannot describe how happy it makes me. It's so nice to find something you genuinely enjoy doing, even if I have only had two lessons (and attended a cabaret in between). I like the way dancing makes me feel; graceful, coordinated, like I can actually move without tripping over my own feet; most of the time anyway, I am yet to get past the stumbling and probably won't for a while.

Other random things that I've enjoyed lately: Nail art, Sherlock Holmes in all his forms (BBC's Sherlock in particular, but I'm getting through the reading list!), cuddles, French films, and pasta! My god I feel like pasta now. Au revoir mes amis. 'Til next time!