Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling.

I think we all love to have a bit of drama in our lives. Without it, I can't even imagine how boring my days would be. Not necessarily drama in our relationships, our friendships, our family, but gossip; glorious gossip. Over the last two days I've caught up with two of my best friends who I hadn't seen for quite some time, and I noticed that the first thing we do is line up all the juicy gossip we have to share. We giggle, we gasp, we get sad on the behalf of the people involved. Honestly, the drama in my small home town is exciting when it's not happening to me. But even when the tables turn, who doesn't love a bit of a chaos to liven things up?

I'm not a firm believer in arguing with people but I can be incredibly melodramatic, and I like standing up for myself and my friends. I enjoy it. And as bad as it sounds, I enjoy getting on people's nerves if they pester me. I enjoy voicing my opinion, and I enjoy, shall we say... Heated discussions with people. When a controversial topic is brought up in a tutorial at uni, I'm straight onto it. As shy I can be, if I understand something well enough to debate it, I pipe up as soon as I get a chance and I won't back down. Perhaps I do go looking for drama, tear-jerkers, heartbreak and conflict. Perhaps I do crave the excitement and social clashes. Perhaps I love getting involved and voicing my opinion. Perhaps I love getting wrapped up in whatever's happening in my friend's lives because nothing ever seems to happen in mine. Perhaps that's a good thing.

These aren't really good qualities, but hey, I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a perhaps too outwardly spoken drama queen. Chaos and drama can be incredibly heartbreaking and saddening, and of course (I need to back myself up here in case the vultures attack) I would not wish those kind of events upon myself or anyone around me just because I feel my life needs a bit of commotion to keep it interesting enough for me. Even if some people are afraid to admit it, we don't want our lives to turn into a stagnant swamp; we need a bit of chaos, even in the form of gossip with friends, to feed us the elation we so crave. But on a final note, let us be sure not to hurt anyone in the process.

Au revoir mes amis.

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