Sunday, 11 December 2011

A few things that inspire me...

"If you only do what you know you can do, you never do very much." 

1. The honourable Sir Howard Florey. If I had never been told the story of Florey and his colleagues, I don't know if I ever would have put my dreams into action and pursue Medicine as a career. Having said that, I am currently studying Biomedical Science with no intention of going on to Medicine at this stage... BUT, while Florey was a doctor of medicine, he was a pharmacologist and pathologist in the fields of immunology and bacteriology, which is precisely what I want to go into the future. If I can achieve half as much as he did during his life I will be able to die happy. Knowing that an Australian scientist, who even went to my uni, has done something to help the world in such an astounding way inspires me to do better each and everyday. If he can do it, it's not impossible for me to as well

2., the 50s and 60s and Zooey Deschanel. The three things that inspire the style I try to achieve. It works a lot better in my head, and when I actually go to the effort of putting together a nice outfit. One part all the girliness you could ever imagine, two parts effortless vintage chic. I like finding treasures in op shops, I like pretty dresses with black tights, ballet flats, all things with polka dots! I like things that are a bit different to what everyone else seems to be wearing. And if I'm ever feeling unsure about what to do with whatever is in my wardrobe, is my go to place for fashion inspiration.

3. Velta Vingelis, and all the others who taught Biology 1-XXX this year. Before when I said I had no intention of going into Medicine anymore? Well, these people are the reason why. Whether this is a good thing or not I am yet to decide! All I'd ever wanted to do was be a paediatrician, skip forward to second semester this year when I realise all I want to do with my life is research, and the epiphany that I would be quite content sitting in a lab for the rest of my working life. This was a big deal for me; I'd always said I wouldn't end up a "lab geek", that it wasn't for me, that I'd rather be out on the field, but I was wrong. Until this year I didn't know what I really wanted or who I really was. Their lectures, along with the humour that the majority of biology professors seem to have, really inspired me to step outside of what I'd always known. I was naive and had no idea what was out there, and they opened up my eyes to the kind of opportunities that laid beyond graduation. 

4. My high school teachers, in particular, Karen Rhode, Tegan Whittard and Bruce Mules. It probably seems very typical to be throwing teachers in the mix here, but I really wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for them. It's not that they showed me the way to my dream career (although two of them helped me see the joy in science), but they showed me the value of learning. If I could spend the rest of my life learning, I would be a very happy Karagh. They taught me that through education one can make a better life for themselves. Just by understanding the world around you, you can make it a happier place to live in.

5. My friends. Finally, my close friends. You don't have to be an authority figure, or a famous person to be able to inspire someone. These people do it daily. Some of you drive me crazy, some of you are never around, and some of you are completely mad. But through your achievements, the way you overcome your obstacles, and the encouragement and support you offer me, you inspire me to be a better person. Your strength, talent, intelligence... Your entire auras are the reason I am where I am now. You've not only influenced my life decisions, but you've helped me through set backs that were threatening my future and my happiness. Even if you don't realise you're doing it, or you're not trying, you are the most inspiring people on this list.

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