Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My Collection

My most treasured possession would have to be my collection of old medical books. I've been buying them from second hand bookshops for about four years now, since mum brought me home an old medical dictionary that I instantly fell in love with. This photo barely even gives an indication of the size of my collection now. The books range from genetics, to microbiology, psychology and family medicine. The majority of them were found in a second hand bookshop in Moonta, some from the Salvos, and recently I found O'Connell's bookshop on Hindley Street. If I had more space on my bookshelf, I would have a lot more books.

I have my favourites of course, three. The first would have to one of the bacteriology books I have found. Manual of Bacteriology is in absolutely perfect condition. I intend on majoring in Microbiology, I just love bacteria and all things related, so I actually read this book very intently, carefully turning each page. (I even gave the cover a clean to make it nice and shiny again.)

Another book I would like to share is the Tutorial Pharmacy book I found. It's from 1930 and it's definitely an interesting read. It was quite concerning when I read about medicines containing arsenic, lead, cyanide and other compounds I wouldn't even consider putting in my body now. My final favourite is the most recent addition to my collection, the Synopsis of Tropical Medicine. I bought this because it was only $9, and being tropical medicine, there were some pretty weird and exotic diseases and illnesses in there. It was when I got home and saw the writing inside the cover that the book became intriguing. Although I can't read the old fashioned cursive writing very well, I  could make out a name and some funny acronym. I consulted mum and the internet and found that "Capt. R.A.M.C." meant Captain of the Royal Army Medical Corps. Underneath the year was written, Jan 45, which is of course towards the end of the Second World War. The last name is impossible for me to work out, but I'm pretty sure the first name is James, initial T. There's also another strange word starting with P with a couple of exclamation marks. I'm absorbed in finding out more about this book, I feel like there could be a story behind it. 

So if you're ever stumped about what to get me for my birthday, I'd love an old copy of Gray's Anatomy. ;)

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