Saturday, 14 May 2011

Sub cruce lumen.

A post about university, how original. More importantly, it is a post about my university, and all those little things I love about it, and being a uni student in general. I had always had my heart set on the University of Adelaide. Whenever we would visit the city and drive along North Terrace I would see the sandstone buildings and something inside me just knew it was the right university for me. When it came to applying for university last year, I only applied for one out of six courses at a different university, and that was only because it also offered undergraduate Medicine. Perhaps it's the part of me that loves success, it was just chance really that Adelaide Uni offered courses I was interested in. 

The University of Adelaide is a Group of Eight member, and one of the leading universities in the world, not that I knew any of that at the time. I didn't research any of the universities before applying; there were only three options and I never really considered UniSA. I feel like my uni has this amazing history behind it. Being the oldest in South Australia, there have been so many extraordinary people walk through it's doors. Douglas Mawson, William Bragg, five Nobel laureates, including Sir Howard Florey, the man who inspired me to pursue a career in the field of Medicine. 

Moving on to the present day, I am a first year student studying Biomedical Science. I was scared of uni to be honest, but I don't feel the transition could have been any easier. I love my courses, and I know I'm going to love my degree, albeit it not being my first preference (I curse the UMAT). I just feel at home at uni. There is nothing in this world I would want to do that doesn't involve going to uni.  I feel at peace when I walk through the grounds, and when I occasionally hear the orchestra playing in Elder Hall I remember how amazing this place is, and how lucky I am to be there.

At university, you can't help but be surrounded with people who are quite similar to you. It's very easy to find people with common interests, and most of the people I have met are absolutely lovely. As tough as it is sometimes, I enjoy going to uni, and I enjoy everything I learn, and especially my practicals. Oh the practicals, undoubtedly my favourite part of university. Such a big leap from the practicals at high school, I've been doing things that would have seemed far too complicated for me to be able to do just a few months ago. That's another thing I love about uni, my confidence has increased ten fold. I'm doing things and learning things that I never knew I was capable of. 

I was told that I have the inquisitive mind of a true scientist. This is probably the most important thing that has been said to be at university so far. I love my university, and although I eagerly await graduation and stepping out into the "real world", I really am going to make the most of the next few years. I might even stay and do Honours.

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